Steve Glazer

Steve_GlazerI’ve been a musician for over 20 years now. The moment I picked up the guitar as a kid my life was changed forever… and for the better! Prior to living in Austin, I spent time in Los Angeles playing guitar and singing professionally – recording, and writing my own music. I was even lucky enough to have a couple of my songs published in two independent films. When I moved to Austin I took a job teaching a songwriting course at ACC based on a book I wrote entitled BEGINNING SONGWRITING. After 5 years in Austin I opened STRUM MUSIC SCHOOL in 2006.

INTERESTED IN VOICE LESSONS? I can honestly tell you, as someone who started with a natural ability to sing, but was still frustrated with inconsistencies, a limited range, and occasional hoarseness… IT’S ALL IN LEARNING THE TECHNIQUES (which I personally learned from two of the top vocal coaches in Los Angeles.) It’s not impossible stuff to learn either. It just takes some time, practice and a teacher who can really communicate these techniques to you. If you are interested in singing any sort of pop or rock music, you need a coach who understands that style of music and the specific techniques used. I’ll teach you how to breathe correctly, improve your technique & understanding of how the voice works, improve your tone, increase your range, and build your confidence. Most importantly, we’ll talk about what makes YOUR voice distinctive. My philosophy is to make YOU sound better and not like everyone else.

I consider myself a rock vocalist over everything, but I’m also well versed in pop, blues and other styles. I have a knack for communicating with my students and teaching them how to understand their voices better – to assimilate the techniques one needs to use to be a strong and versatile singer. I am extremely passionate about music and I enjoy sharing it with my students.

Click on the play buttons below to hear a sample of my singing and guitar playing.

This is a remake of a classic Depeche Mode song. All vocals and guitars you hear are me.

Here’s an original song. All vocals and guitars you hear are me.